Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 15 pp 5483—5497

CBX3/HP1γ promotes tumor proliferation and predicts poor survival in hepatocellular carcinoma

Figure 1. The expression and prognostic significance of CBX3/HP1γ in various cancers. (A) Transcriptional expression of CBX3/HP1γ in 20 different types of cancer (ONCOMINE database). Differences in mRNA expression were compared using Student’s t-tests. The cut-off p value and fold change values were 0.01 and 1.5, respectively, with a gene rank of 10%. (B) CBX3/HP1γ expression in 20 different types of cancer (the Human Protein Atlas database). High CBX3/HP1γ expression was associated with worse prognosis in liver cancer (C), breast cancer (D), pancreatic cancer (E), and renal cancer (F) (Kaplan-Meier Plot, log-rank test, P value < 0.01).