Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 15 pp 5518—5534

Frailty in middle age is associated with frailty status and race-specific changes to the transcriptome

Figure 5. Interaction network analysis of frailty-associated differential gene expression. The interaction network for significant, differentially expressed protein coding genes with frailty in blacks (A) and whites (B) is shown. Network nodes represent proteins and lines (edges) represent protein-protein interactions. The solid lines represent direct interactions between proteins, dashed lines represent indirect interactions between proteins, grey lines represent putative protein interactions. The line colors represent the molecular action type: green (activation), dark blue (binding), black (reaction), red (inhibition), purple (catalysis), yellow (transcriptional regulation). The action effect is represented by the shape at the end of the line: arrow head (positive), perpendicular line (negative), dot (unspecified). The prominent functional clusters in blacks and whites are indicated.