Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 15 pp 5518—5534

Frailty in middle age is associated with frailty status and race-specific changes to the transcriptome

Figure 7. Frailty-associated changes in gene expression with race. Total RNA was isolated from PBMCs from non-frail and frail blacks and whites in the validation cohort (n=52). Gene expression was analyzed using RT-qPCR with gene specific primers. The scatter plots show the relative expression (log2 transformed) in non-frail and frail blacks (B) and whites (W). The open bars represent the mean and error bars show standard error of the mean. There is a significant two-way interaction between frailty status and race for IL1B (p=0.041) and EGR1 (p=0.019). Significance was determined using linear regression models on the log2 transformed values.