Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 15 pp 5829—5847

Long non-coding RNA CASC19 is associated with the progression and prognosis of advanced gastric cancer

Figure 6. CASC19 knockdown inhibits GC cell proliferation and metastasis. (A) qRT-PCR analysis of CASC19 expression in four GC cell lines (AGS, BGC-823, MGC-803, and HGC-27) and a normal gastric mucosal epithelial cell line (GES-1). (B) qRT-PCR showing successful CASC19 knockdown in BGC-823 cells using si-CASC19-2. (C) CASC19 knockdown inhibits proliferation in BGC-823 cells. (D) Colony formation is increased after CASC19 knockdown. (E) and (F) CASC19 silencing decreases cell migration in Transwell assays. All data are presented as mean ± standard deviation of three independent experiments. *P < 0.05;**P < 0.01; ***P < 0.001.