Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 17 pp 6762—6791

Knockout of p75 neurotrophin receptor attenuates the hyperphosphorylation of Tau in pR5 mouse model

Figure 1. Knock out of p75NTR in pR5 mice attenuated transgenic Tau protein staining in neurons. (A) pR5 mice is cross bred with p75KO mice to generate pR75KO mice. (B) PCR confirmation of transgenic tau and p75NTR knockout. (C) Transgenic Tau, detected using human-specific Tau and pTau antibody HT7, Scale bar = 200 μm. (D) Transgenic Tau expression in pR5 was much weaker in pR75KO mice in the cortex (CTX) and hippocampal regions CA1 and CA3 at higher magnification, Scale bar = 50 μm.