Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 17 pp 6872—6891

Cholesterol lowering attenuates pressure overload-induced heart failure in mice with mild hypercholesterolemia

Figure 8. AAV8-LDLr gene therapy counteracts metabolic remodelling. Capillary glucose (A) and plasma insulin levels (B) 8 weeks after operation (n=10 for each group). Quantification of glucose uptake in the myocardium determined by micro-PET as shown by the maximal standardized uptake (SUV) value (C) and total myocardial uptake (% of injected dose) (D) 8 weeks after sham operation or after TAC (n=10-13 in each group). Representative micro-PET images illustrating the uptake of [18F]-FDG in the myocardium of sham mice and TAC mice at day 56 after operation are shown in panel (E).