Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 18 pp 7386—7401

lncRNA DLEU2 modulates cell proliferation and invasion of non-small cell lung cancer by regulating miR-30c-5p/SOX9 axis

Figure 6. Knockdown of lncRNA DLEU2 suppresses tumor growth and epithelial to mesenchymal transition in vivo. (A) The tumor size was obtained from nude mice; (B) The tumor weight was measured in transferred si-DLEU2 or NC group; (CD) The tumor volume curve of nude mice treated with si-DLEU2 or si-NC was analyzed; (E) The expression of lncRNA DLEU2, miR-30c-5p and SOX9 were measured by qRT-PCR; (F) The expression of SOX9 was measured by western blotting; (G) The expression of Ki-67 was detected in tumor tissues by immunohistochemistry; (H) Western blot was applied to detect E-cadherin, N-cadherin, and Vimentin protein expression in tumor tissues; (I) A549-si-DLEU2 and A549-NC were labeled with firefly luciferase and injected into the abdominal cavity of nude mice (n=3). (J) Histogram showing the bioluminescent signal intensity detected using a noninvasive In Vivo Imaging System. *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001, compared with NC group.