Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 17 pp 6999—7020

Prognostic value and immune infiltration of novel signatures in clear cell renal cell carcinoma microenvironment

Figure 7. Immune infiltration of MLXIPL and PPARGC1A. After identifying prognostic value of MLXIPL and PPARGC1A, we performed correlation analysis between MLXIPL and PPARGC1A and immune infiltration level for ccRCC. Scatter plots were generated with partial Spearman's correlation and statistical significance. MLXIPL and PPARGC1A expression were significantly associated purity (correlation=0.207 and 0.287, respectively). In addition, elevated MLXIPL and PPARGC1A significantly correlated with B cell, CD8+ T cell, macrophage, neotrophil, and dendritic cell infiltration (p<0.05), prompting a general decline in immune infiltration level.