Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 17 pp 7187—7196

STAT3 inhibitor sensitized KRAS-mutant lung cancers to RAF inhibitor by activating MEK/ERK signaling pathway

Figure 1. The combination of AZ628 and BP-1-102 showed a strongly synergistic interaction in KRAS-mutant lung cancer cells. Relative viability was measured for KRAS(WT) H838 and KRAS(G12D) H838 cells (A), KRAS(G12S) H292 and KRAS(G12V) H441 cells (B), as well as KRAS(WT) H661and H1650 cells (C) that were treated with the single drug or combined drugs. CI values were calculated for cells treated with a combination of AZ 628 and BP-1-102. CI < 0.7 is considered as synergism; CI = 0.7–0.9 is moderate synergism; CI = 0.90–1.10 is nearly additive; and CI > 1.10 is antagonism.