Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 18 pp 7442—7456

Analyses of an epigenetic switch involved in the activation of pioneer factor FOXA1 leading to the prognostic value of estrogen receptor and FOXA1 co-expression in breast cancer

Figure 4. FOXA1 mutations in human breast cancer. (A) The pie chart generated using COSMIC summarizes the observed mutation types, including nonsense substitutions, missense substitutions, synonymous substitutions, in-frame insertions, frameshift insertions, in-frame deletions, frameshift deletions, and complex mutations. (B) As determined using cBioPortal, the FOXA1 mutation frequency was less than 8% in patients with breast cancer. A total of 33 mutation sites were detected between amino acids 0 and 472. The FOXA1 mutation occurs primarily in the Forkhead domain.