Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 20 pp 8760—8776

Adipose tissue-derived omentin-1 attenuates arterial calcification via AMPK/Akt signaling pathway

Figure 5. Omentin-1 alleviates arterial calcification in 5/6 NTP-induced mice. Six-week-old Male mice were subjected to 5/6-nephrectomy or sham operation following by high phosphate diet (0.9% Pi) for indicated time and then the adenovirus-encoding omentin-1 (Ad-Ome) or control adenovirus-encoding β-galactosidase (Ad-Gal) were injected into the tail vein of mice one time per week for four weeks. (n=6 for each group). (A) Expression of p-AMPK and p-Akt in the aorta of 5/6NTP mice treated with LY 294002 or Compound C were analyzed by western blot. (B) Von Kossa-stained, Alizarin Red S-stained and Runx2-stained sections from the thoracic aorta were tested to identify calcification level of artery. Representative microscopic pictures were shown in the upper panel and quantity of positive staining area in the thoracic aorta was shown in the lower panel. Scare bar 20 μm (Red), 200 μm (Black) and 500 μm (Green). (C) Calcium content of the thoracic aorta was measured in different group mice. (D) The ALP activity was measured by an ALP kit, normalized to the total tissue protein contents. Results are represented by mean ± SD with 6 replicates for each group. Significance was analyzed by two-way ANOVA with the Tukey’s HSD post hoc analysis. (*p < 0.05).