Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 18 pp 7830—7846

Downregulation of LncRNA-XIST inhibited development of non-small cell lung cancer by activating miR-335/SOD2/ROS signal pathway mediated pyroptotic cell death

Figure 4. The influences of LncRNA-XIST on oxidative stress and pyroptosis of NSCLC cell lines. MDA levels was detected in (A) A549 cells and (C) H1299 cells. Extracellular NADPH oxidase-derived superoxide was detected in (B) A549 cells and (D) H1299 cells. DHE staining was used to detect ROS levels in (E) A549 cells, (F) H1299 cells and (G) HBE cells. (H, K) Western Blot was used to detect pyroptosis associated proteins (NLRP3, Cleaved Caspase-1 and IL-1β), which was normalized to β-actin and (I, L) quantified by Image J software. (J, M) ELSIA kit was used to detect IL-18 levels in A549 cell supernatants. (N, O) Colony formation assay was performed to detect cell proliferative abilities. (P) CCK-8 assay was used to detect A549 cell proliferation. “NAC” means N-acetyl cysteine treatment. “KD” means knock-down of LncRNA-XIST. “N+K” means NAC treatment plus knocking down LncRNA-XIST. (“NS” represented no statistical significance, “*” represented p < 0.05, “**” represented p < 0.01).