Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 18 pp 7830—7846

Downregulation of LncRNA-XIST inhibited development of non-small cell lung cancer by activating miR-335/SOD2/ROS signal pathway mediated pyroptotic cell death

Figure 6. LncRNA-XIST regulated SOD2 levels by targeting miR-335. (A) Real-Time qPCR was used to detect miR-335 levels in NSCLC tissues. (B) miR-335 levels were detected in NSCLC cell lines. (C) Pearson analysis was used to evaluate correlation of miR-335 and LncRNA-XIST in NSCLC tissues (N=15). (D) Pearson analysis was used to evaluate correlation of miR-335 and SOD2 mRNA levels in NSCLC tissues (N=15). (E, F) Pan-cancer analysis was used to analyse the correlation of LncRNA-XIST, miR-335 and SOD2 expression levels in lung adenocarcinoma. (G) Sequence alignment of miR-335 with the putative binding sites with in the wild-type regions of LncRNA-XIST. (H) Dual-luciferase reporter gene system was conducted to investigate the targeting relationship between LncRNA-XIST and miR-335. (I, J) The effects of LncRNA-XIST on miR-335 were detected by Real-Time qPCR in A549 and H1299 cells respectively. (L, N) Knock-down (KD) of LncRNA-XISt regulated SOD2 levels in A549 cells by targeting miR-335. (M, O) Overexpressed (OE) LncRNA-XIST regulated SOD2 levels in H1299 cells by targeting miR-335. (“NS” represented no statistical significance, “*” represented p < 0.05, “**” represented p < 0.01).