Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 20 pp 8879—8891

CD8+CXCR5+T cells infiltrating hepatocellular carcinomas are activated and predictive of a better prognosis


Figure 3.

Differentiation and chemotaxis of CD8+CXCR5+ T cells is induced by HCC-SN cells. (AB) Culture supernatants from primary HCC cell cultures (HCC-SN1 and HCC-SN2 cells), but not normal liver cultures (Hem-liver-SN cells), induce chemotaxis of healthy blood CD8+CXCR5+ T cells sorted by FACS (n=3). (A) One representative experiment is shown. (B) The data indicate the mean±SD. (CE) HCC-SN1 and HCC-SN2 cells, but not Hem-liver-SN cells, are able to induce the CD8+CXCR5+ or IL-21+ CD8+CXCR5+ phenotype in healthy blood CD8+ T cells (n=3). The results shown represent four separate experiments. The data indicate the mean±SD. *P<0.05, **P<0.01, ***P<0.001 and ****P<0.0001 determined using student’s t test (B, D and F).