Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 21 pp 9264—9279

Dopaminergic neuron injury in Parkinson’s disease is mitigated by interfering lncRNA SNHG14 expression to regulate the miR-133b/ α-synuclein pathway

Figure 9. Down-regulated SNHG14 mitigated neuron injury in PD mice. PD mice (n=7) were injected with lenti-si-control or lenti-si-SNHG14. The motor function of mice was assessed with (A) rotarod performance, (B) reversed screen test, and (C) forelimb grip strength test. (D) Immunohistochemistry staining was performed to determine the number of TH-positive DA neuron in the brain tissues of mice. (E) Relative expression of SNHG14 and miR-133b in brain tissues of mice was evaluated with qRT-PCR. (F) Level of α-syn and SP-1 protein in brain tissues of mice was assessed by western blotting. **P<0.01 compared with lenti-si-control.