Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 21 pp 9280—9294

Loss of FoxA2 accelerates neoplastic changes in the intrahepatic bile duct partly via the MAPK signaling pathway

Figure 2. Establishment of the TAA-induced cholangiocarcinoma model. (A) Diagram of the DNA insertion site in the loxP alleles of FoxA2. The activation of albumin expression led to the abolishment of FoxA2 expression; (B) Electropherogram of tail DNA genotyping; (C, D) Western blotting and immunohistochemistry were performed to confirm the deletion of FoxA2 expression; (E) Gross observation of liver tissues at the indicated time points (Scale bar: 1 cm). Multiple nodes were detected in FoxA2-/- mice, and the liver / body weight ratio was significantly higher in FoxA2-/- mice; (F) The ALP and ALT levels were higher in FoxA2-/- mice based on the serum biochemistry test. ALP: alkaline phosphatase; ALT: Alanine amino-transferase; ALB: albumin.