Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 20 pp 8911—8924

Immature dendritic cells derived exosomes promotes immune tolerance by regulating T cell differentiation in renal transplantation

Figure 1. imDEC relieved acute rejection after kidney transplantation. Mice were divided into four groups: isograft group (n=10), allograft group (n=10), allograft+mDEC group (n=10), and allograft+imDEC group (n=10). (A) The percent of survival in isograft group, allograft group, allograft+mDEC group, and allograft+imDEC group. ****P<0.0001 vs isograft group; *P<0.05 vs allograft group. (B) H&E staining of kidney tissue (n=7) showed that the inflammatory response was relieved in allograft+imDEC group compared with allograft group. (400×magnification). (C) CD4 staining of kidney tissue (n=7) showed that CD4+T cell infiltration was reduced in allograft+imDEC group. Image J was used to analyze the images and calculate the CD4+ area. (400×magnification). **P<0.001 vs isograft group; ##P<0.001 vs allograft+mDEC group.