Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 20 pp 8911—8924

Immature dendritic cells derived exosomes promotes immune tolerance by regulating T cell differentiation in renal transplantation

Figure 6. miR-682 regulated T cell differentiation via ROCK2 under Th17 polarization condition. T cells were divided into no stimulation group, NC group (under Th17 polarization stimulation), ROCK2 selective inhibitor KD025 group (under Th17 polarization stimulation) and si-ROCK2 group (under Th17 polarization stimulation). (A) The expressions of ROCK2, p-STAT3 and p-STAT5 were measured by western blot in the four groups. (B) IL-17 secretion was detected by ELISA in the four groups. **P<0.01 vs no stim; ##P<0.01 vs NC. (C) IL-17 mRNA level and Foxp3 mRNA level were detected by qRT-PCR. ##P<0.01 vs NC. T cells were transfected with NC, miR-682 mimic or miR-682 mimic+ROCk2. (DE) The expression of ROCK2, p-STAT3 and p-STAT5 were detected by western blot. (F) IL-17 secretion was detected by ELISA. **P<0.01 vs NC; ##P<0.01 vs miR-682. (G) The percentage of Foxp3+CD4+T cells was detected by flow cytometry.