Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 20 pp 8937—8950

Beneficial effects of PGC-1α in the substantia nigra of a mouse model of MPTP-induced dopaminergic neurotoxicity

Figure 5. Electron microscopy observation of the destruction of mitochondrial structure in SN neurons. (A) Using electron microscopy (EM), SN images were collected from the group of con (number of mice, n=5), M (number of mice, n=5), LVPGC+M (number of mice, n=3), and LVsiRNA+M (number of mice, n=3). A total of 281 mitochondria were manually outlined and analyzed using QuPath software. Scale bar, 300 nm. (B) The average level of mitochondrial density was calculated for individual mice, which showed a higher trend in mitochondrial density in the LVPGC+M group and a lower trend in the M and LVsiRNA+M group compared to that in controls (P>0.05). (C) Mitochondrial size in the LVPGC+M group was significantly increased compared with that in control mice (P>0.01). (D) The degree of mitochondrial branching was also compared via the calculation of individual mitochondrial form factors.