Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 20 pp 8969—8981

Expression and significance of miR - 20b in retinal photoreceptor cells exposed to PCB1254

Figure 3. Effect of miRNA-20b on 661W cell. (AB) After 72 hours of transfection, cell proliferation was inhibited in the miR-20b overexpression group and promoted in the silencing group. (CD) After 72 hours transfection, the miR-20b overexpression and silencing groups had no significant change in cell cycle. (EF) Apoptosis was detected in two groups of cells by measuring Caspase-3 activity. The results showed that apoptosis was increased in the miR-20b overexpression group, and the silencing group had the opposite effect. (GH) Apoptosis was measured in two groups by flow cytometry. The results showed that the proportion of apoptotic cells in the miR-20b overexpression group was significantly increased, and there was no significant difference in the silencing group. (*: P<0.05).