Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 20 pp 9128—9146

Mesenchymal stem cell senescence alleviates their intrinsic and seno-suppressive paracrine properties contributing to osteoarthritis development


Figure 3.

Senescence modulates MSCs extrinsic properties in vitro. (A) Experimental design of the without-contact co-culture system to assess the effect of senescent human MSCs on chondrocytes from patients with OA. (B) Expression analysis by RT-qPCR in OA chondrocytes without co-culture (black columns; control), or co-cultured with proliferating MSCs (grey columns), or with senescent MSCs (white columns) for 7 days. Data are expressed as fold change relative to control (mean ± SEM of n=5); *=p<0.05, **=p<0.01.