Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 21 pp 9442—9460

Long noncoding RNA DNM3OS promotes prostate stromal cells transformation via the miR-29a/29b/COL3A1 and miR-361/TGFβ1 axes

Figure 5. Similar effects of DNM3OS silencing and SB431542 on ECM components and TGFβ1 downstream signaling PrSCs were transfected with si-DNM3OS or treated with the TGFβ1 inhibitor SB431542 and examined for (A) the protein levels of TGFβ1, p-Smad2, and Smad2 by immunoblotting; (BC) the protein content and distribution of α-SMA and Collagen I by IF staining (scale bar: 50 μM) and (D) the protein levels of α-SMA, Collagen I, MMP1, and MMP3 by immunoblotting. **P<0.01.