Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 21 pp 9530—9543

Proteome and phosphoproteome reveal mechanisms of action of atorvastatin against esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Figure 6. Atorvastatin inhibits ESCC growth in vivo. (A) The photograph shows tumors from PDX mice treated with vehicle or atorvastatin (5 mg/kg or 20mg/kg). (B) Tumor volume in each of the treatment groups was measured weekly, (C) with tumor weight measured at day 28. The asterisk (* P < 0.05) indicates a significant decrease in tumor volume from atorvastatin-treated mice. (D) The expression of ERKT185/Y187, CDK1T14 and BRCA1S1189 was examined by IHC (400×). Data are expressed as positive cell values ± SD. The asterisks (* P < 0.05, ** P < 0.01) indicate a significant decrease in ERKT185/Y187, CDK1T14 and BRCA1S1189 in atorvastatin-treated tissues compared to vehicle group.