Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 21 pp 9569—9580

TGF-β- and lipopolysaccharide-induced upregulation of circular RNA PWWP2A promotes hepatic fibrosis via sponging miR-203 and miR-223

Figure 3. Interaction between circ-PWWP2A with miR-203 and miR-223. (A) The expression of several miRNAs which were predicted to bind with circ-PWWP2A by DIANA after overexpressing circ-PWWP2A in LX-2 cells. (B) After mutating the predicting sequences in circ-PWWP2A, the luciferase activity was detected using luciferase reporter assay. (C) The interaction between circ-PWWP2A with miR-203 and miR-223 was confirmed using agarose beads pull-down RNA-RNA interaction assay. **p<0.05 vs Ad-GFP. Ad-GFP, adenoviral vectors carrying green fluorescent protein genes that act as the control. NC, negative control.