Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 21 pp 9569—9580

TGF-β- and lipopolysaccharide-induced upregulation of circular RNA PWWP2A promotes hepatic fibrosis via sponging miR-203 and miR-223

Figure 6. Downregulating circ-PWWP2A alleviates hepatic fibrosis in vivo. The adeno-associated virus carrying shRNA of circ-PWWP2A was injected into the CCl4-induced fibrosis mice at the third week of CCl4 injection. (A) Liver tissues from the CCl4 group (n=7), the CCl4+shRNA group (n=7), and the CCl4+shRNA-circ-PWWP2A group (n=7) were collected for HE staining, and the percentage of fibrotic area was calculated. Magnification is 400X. Scale bar represents 200 μM. (B) The mRNA and protein expressions of α-SMA and Col1α1. (C) The concentration of hydroxyproline (D) The expression of circ-PWWP2A. **p<0.01 vs CCl4+shRNA. shRNA, short hairpin RNA.