Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 21 pp 9689—9708

Circular RNA circGRAMD1B inhibits gastric cancer progression by sponging miR-130a-3p and regulating PTEN and p21 expression

Figure 4. Prediction of circRNA-miRNA-mRNA associations. (A) A magnified network comprising circGRAMD1B and its target miRNAs is presented. (B) The binding sites of miRNAs and circGRAMD1B were predicted by RegRNA 2.0. (C) The panorama network consists of the target genes and miR-130a-3p. Only 100 reliable target genes were added to our predicted picture. (D) Venn diagram showing the 375 commonly expressed mRNA targets of miR-130a-3p obtained from four publicly available profile databases (DIANA TarBase, TargetScan, mirDIP, and StarBase database). Two mRNA targets of miR-130a-3p were identified: PTEN and p21. (E) Schematic representation of the potential binding sites of circGRAMD1B with miR-130a-3p and miR-130a-3p with PTEN/p21.