Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 21 pp 9719—9737

Tanshinone IIA mediates SMAD7-YAP interaction to inhibit liver cancer growth by inactivating the transforming growth factor beta signaling pathway

Figure 5. Tan IIA can suppress liver cancer cell growth with a TGF-β dependent manner and partially through up-regulating SMAD7. (A) The representative images of DMSO and Tan IIA groups were analyzed by small animals in vivo imaging system. Two groups were seeded with 5×106 Bel-7404 cells and then 14 days later injected with diluted DMSO or Tan IIA (10mg/kg/d) resolution. Tumor images and volumes were taken and measured in 20 days after drugs injection. n =5 per group. **p < 0.01. (B) Representative HE and IHC pictures of SMAD7, Ki67, Bcl2 and YAP staining in DMSO and Tan IIA Xenografts mouse tissues at 400Χ magnifications. (C) Cleaved caspase substrate was detected by immunofluorescence assay in DMSO, Tan IIA (40 μM) and Tan IIA along with SMAD7 knockout groups for 24 h. Scale bar: 100 μm. (D, E) The protein expression levels were detected by western blot assay in indicated groups.