Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 21 pp 9719—9737

Tanshinone IIA mediates SMAD7-YAP interaction to inhibit liver cancer growth by inactivating the transforming growth factor beta signaling pathway

Figure 6. SMAD7 and YAP can interact with each other and negatively correlate in liver cancer. (A) The protein-protein network shows SMAD7 related top 10 genes which were obtained from string database (left panel). Venn diagram showing overlapping of SMAD7 associated genes in cBioPortal and string databases (right panel). The detail information of overlapping 5 genes (lower panel). (B) The protein expression level of LATS1/2, YAP and SMAD7 were measured by western blot assay in normal liver cells and liver cancer cell lines. (C) SMAD7 binds to endogenous YAP which measured by co-immunoprecipitation assay in SMAD7-Flag over-expressed Bel-7404 and SMMC-7721 stable cell lines. (D) YAP and SMAD7 intracellular localization in Bel-7404 cells in low cell density and high cell density. (E) Representative IHC pictures of SMAD7 and YAP staining showed protein expression level and location in normal and HCC tissues, and the correlated levels of SMAD7 and YAP expression. Statistical analysis of the TMA data is shown in the bottom panel.