Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 21 pp 9794—9810

LHX2 promotes malignancy and inhibits autophagy via mTOR in osteosarcoma and is negatively regulated by miR-129-5p

Figure 7. Restoration of LHX2 reverses miR-129-5p overexpression-mediated malignant phenotypes in vivo. (A) OS-143B cells stably expressed luciferase and the indicated gene were inoculated into nude mice (n=6), which were sacrificed 5 weeks later (B) Tumor sizes were measured weekly and calculated using the following formula: V= (Length×Width2/2). (C) Orthotopic tumors were dissected and weighted. **P<0.01. (D) Representative bioluminescence and lung anatomy images of metastatic OS cells. Black arrows indicate possible metastatic lesions. Metastatic foci in lung were determined by luminescence signals and counted. **P<0.01. (E) Representative H&E stained lung sections. (F) Working model of the miR-129-5p/LHX2/mTOR axis in OS.