Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 21 pp 9811—9828

The TORC1 inhibitor Nprl2 protects age-related digestive function in Drosophila

Figure 8. nprl2 mutants were sensitive to SDS treatment.yw,nprl21 and nprl21; TorA594V/+ flies were fed with 5% sucrose or with 0.6% SDS. Flies were counted at the indicated time points. Survival curves of the flies are shown. Pairwise comparisons by the Mantel-Cox log rank test showed that survival curves of the three genotypes of flies fed 0.6% SDS were different from each other: P < 0.001 (yw vs nprl21), P < 0.001 (nprl21 vs nprl21; TorA594V/+).