Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 21 pp 9912—9931

Molecular basis of senescence transmitting in the population of human endometrial stromal cells

Figure 1. 2D co-culturing with senescent ESCs negatively affects surrounding cells. (A) Experimental scheme of co-culturing of young mCherry-labeled ESCs with unlabeled young or senescent ones in 2D condition. (B and C) Growth curves of mCherry-labeled ESCs (co-cultured either with young or senescent cells) before and after reseeding, respectively. Cell number was determined by FACS at the indicated time points. (D) and (E) Cell size and autofluorescence of mCherry-labeled ESCs measured by FACS after 10 d of co-culturing. Forward scatter (FS) reflects the average cell size. Values are M ± S.D. (N=3). * – p<0.05, ** – p<0.01, *** – p<0.005 by Student’s t-test.