Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 21 pp 9912—9931

Molecular basis of senescence transmitting in the population of human endometrial stromal cells

Figure 5. Proteomic analysis of ESCs secretome. CM-ctr and CM-sen – conditioned media from young or senescent ESCs, respectively. (A) Venn diagram presentation of all peptides identified within CMs by LC-MS/MS. (B) Volcano plot of proteins differentially secreted by Ctr and Sen ESCs. (C) and (D) Functional enrichment analysis in GO BP terms of up- and down-regulated proteins in CM-sen versus CM-ctr. Identified processes are organized in modules based on common parent GO terms presented in legends. To control the false discovery rate (FDR) to correct the p-value the Benjamini method was applied. Black line indicates threshold at p=0.05. (E) and (F) Levels of top up- and down-regulated proteins in CM-sen versus CM-ctr, respectively. Processes involving PAI-1 are marked with asterisk (*).