Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 24 pp 11829—11843

Suppression of FADS1 induces ROS generation, cell cycle arrest, and apoptosis in melanocytes: implications for vitiligo


Figure 7. Downregulation of FADS1 inhibits cell cycle progression in PIG1 melanocytes. PIG1 cells were transfected with NC-siRNA or FADS1-siRNA2 for 72 h. (A, B) Cell cycle staging measured by flow cytometry. (C) Western blot detection of c-Myc, p21, and Cyclin D1 expression. β-actin was used as internal control. (DF) Relative expression of c-Myc, p21, and Cyclin D1 after normalization to β-actin. **P < 0.01, compared with the NC group.