Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 24 pp 11865—11879

MicroRNA 27b promotes cardiac fibrosis by targeting the FBW7/Snail pathway


Figure 3. Snail mediated proliferative effects of miR-27b on CFs. (AC) TGF-β, Twist, SMAD3/4, p-SMAD3/4, and Snail expression levels in CFs treated with AngII (A), AngII combined with miR-27i (B), and miR-27b (C). (D, E) The effect of silencing Snail on CFs cell proliferation induced by AngII or miR-27b was analyzed by MTT test (D) and BrdU assay (E). (F) Collagen I, III, and MMP-9’s mRNA levels in CFs subjected to treatment in (D). Data were represented as mean ± SEM (n=4). *, p<0.05.