Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 24 pp 11893—11904

FLT3L and granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor enhance the anti-tumor and immune effects of an HPV16 E6/E7 vaccine


Figure 6. The nucleic acid vaccine inhibited hepatic metastasis in vivo. (AF) Mice (n=25, five mice/group) in the blank, pVAX1-IRES, pVAX1-IRES-FLT3L, pVAX1-IRES-GM-CSF-B7.1-HPV16 E6/E7 and pVAX1-IRES-GM-CSF-B7.1-HPV16 E6/E7-FLT3L groups were injected with HPV16 E6/E7+Luc stable cells. After four weeks, they were sacrificed for the observation of tumor metastasis to other organs (heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney and brain tissues).