Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 24 pp 11988—12001

CircRNA AFF4 promotes osteoblast cells proliferation and inhibits apoptosis via the Mir-7223-5p/PIK3R1 axis


Figure 1. miR-7223-5p was downregulated during fracture healing. (A) Flow chart of downregulated miRNAs (log2 fold-change ≤ -2.0, p<0.05). (B) qRT-PCR analysis confirmed a decreased level of miR-7223-5p during fracture healing (n=5). (C) miR-7223-5p levels in calluses as measured by qRT-PCR (n=5). (D) MicroCT was used to reconstruct three-dimensional images of the fracture site. (E) Bone volume (BV), total volume (TV), and BV/TV were used to assess the calluses (n=5). (FH) BMP2 and Runx2 levels in the callus samples from the mice on days 14 and 21 were measured by qRT-PCR and western blot (n=5).