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Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 24 pp 12002—12031

Circular RNA NF1-419 enhances autophagy to ameliorate senile dementia by binding Dynamin-1 and Adaptor protein 2 B1 in AD-like mice


Figure 6. CircNF1-419 delays senile dementia by enhancing autophagy in vivo. CircNF1-419 up-regulates the autophagy biomarkers including LC3A I, LC3A II, LC3B I and LC3B II (A), and improves the AD related regulators including p-Tau, p-Tau (202), p-Tau (396), Aβ A4, APOE, BACE1, TNF-α, NF-κB and p21 (B); histopathological (C) examination of hippocampus (Ca-b) and cortex (Cc-d); and immunostaining examination (D) of LC3A in hippocampus (De) and cortex (Df). All densitometric data of proteins expression using ImageJ are presented as the means±SD of 3 independent experiments. **p <0.01 vs. the model group by one-way ANOVA, followed by the Holm-Sidak test.