Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 24 pp 12147—12164

Hematoma-derived exosomes of chronic subdural hematoma promote abnormal angiogenesis and inhibit hematoma absorption through miR-144-5p


Figure 2. The effects of hematoma-derived exosomes on hematoma absorption and neurological function. (A) Representative MR images of SDH rats at baseline, and 7 and 14 days after injection. (B) Quantification of hematoma volume. No differences in hematoma volume were observed at baseline, while the EX-Hematoma group had higher hematoma volumes on days 7 and 14 compared to the PBS control group. (C) The EX-Hematoma group had higher mNSS on days 14 and 21. Values are shown as the mean ± SEM, Two-way ANOVA, *p < 0.05, ** p < 0.01, *** p < 0.001.