Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 24 pp 12147—12164

Hematoma-derived exosomes of chronic subdural hematoma promote abnormal angiogenesis and inhibit hematoma absorption through miR-144-5p

Figure 6. Hematoma-derived exosomes are enriched with miR-144-5p, which they can transfer to HUVECs. (A) PKH26-stained hematoma-derived exosomes (red) were internalized by HUVECs (green; scale bar: 50 μm). (B) Heat map showing hierarchical clustering of altered miRNAs. Values represent the log2 (fold change) in miRNA expression relative to the expression in serum-derived exosomes from healthy controls. (C) Network of miR-144-5p. (D) RT-PCR confirming expression of miR-144-5p in hematoma-derived exosomes. (E) Quantitative analysis of miR-144-5p in HUVECs following co-culture with exosomes. MiR-144-5p expression was higher in the EX-Hematoma compared to EX-Serum group. * p < 0.05, # p < 0.05, *** p < 0.001, ### p < 0.001.