Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 24 pp 12236—12245

Improved therapeutic effects on diabetic foot by human mesenchymal stem cells expressing MALAT1 as a sponge for microRNA-205-5p


Figure 2. Ectopic expression of MALAT1 reduces miR-205-5p and improves VEGF translation in human MSCs in vitro. (A, B) Human MSCs were transduced with AAVs carrying either as-miR-205-5p, or MALAT1, or null as a control. All vectors co-expressed an RFP reporter. The transduced MSCs were purified based on RFP expression by flow cytometry (A) and exhibited red fluorescent in culture (B). (C, E) RT-qPCR for miR-205-5p (C), or MALAT1 (D), or VEGF (E) in null-, or as-miR-205-5p-, or MALAT1- transduced MSCs by RT-qPCR. (F) Cellular VEGF protein was determined by ELISA in null-, or as-miR-205-5p-, or MALAT1- transduced MSCs. *p<0.05. NS: non-significant. N=5. Scale bars are 20μm.