Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 24 pp 12236—12245

Improved therapeutic effects on diabetic foot by human mesenchymal stem cells expressing MALAT1 as a sponge for microRNA-205-5p


Figure 4. Nether depletion of miR-205-5p nor MALAT1 overexpression in grafted MSCs reverses diabetes. The effects of miR-205-5p-depletion or MALAT1 overexpression in MSCs on their therapeutic potential in DF were assessed. (A) Schematic of the model: NOD/SCID mice received STZ to develop diabetes. One week later, ulcers were generated in the right limp and the mice received on-site intradermal transplantation of either MSCs. The mice were followed up for 4 weeks before analysis. N=10 in each group. (B) Fasting blood glucose (C) Beta cell mass (D) Representative images for insulin immunostaining. NS: non-significant. N=10. Scale bars are 30 μm.