Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 24 pp 12295—12314

ERK1 indicates good prognosis and inhibits breast cancer progression by suppressing YAP1 signaling


Figure 6. ERK1 was negatively associated with YAP1 signaling-related gene in breast tumors. (A) GSEA of expression data from breast cancer cell lines revealed enrichment of conserved YAP1 target genes in ERK1 low expression tumors compared with those with high ERK1 expression by quartiles. NES, normalized enrichment score. (B) Pearson correlation analysis showed that ERK1 expression levels were negatively correlated with YAP1 and its target gene expression (GLS, ASAP1, SHCBP1) in 1,082 breast tumors. (C) List of the Pearson analysis of correlation between several YAP1 target genes and ERK1 in 1082 breast tumors. (D) Heat map showing low expression levels of ERK1 (top 10% ERK1 high expression cases vs. 10% ERK1 low expression cases) enriched YAP1 signaling-related gene expression in TCGA dataset containing 1082 cases.