Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 24 pp 12345—12360

Circular RNA SMO sponges miR-338-3p to promote the growth of glioma by enhancing the expression of SMO

Figure 4. CircSMO742 affected glioma cells activity. (A) Cells proliferation in 72 hours measured with CCK8 assay, after over-expressed, or knocking down of circSMO742, compared with NC group. (B) Cells apoptosis ratio detected with Flow cytometry dealt with over-expressed, knocking down of circSMO742, compare with NC group. (C, D) Migration and invasion were detected with transwell assay after transfection. The results pointed out that circSMO promoted cells proliferation, migration and invasion while inhibited cells apoptosis. *P<0.05, compared with NC.