Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 24 pp 12412—12427

CircRNA_100367 regulated the radiation sensitivity of esophageal squamous cell carcinomas through miR-217/Wnt3 pathway


Figure 4. The interaction between circRNA_100367 and miR-217. (A) KYSE-150 and KYSE-150R cells were transfected with Flag-tagged AgO2 (Flag-AgO2) or negative control Flag-tagged Green Fluorescent Protein (Flag-GFP). Then cell lysates were incubated with Flag or IgG (negative control of Flag) antibodies. The enrichment of circRNA_100367 in the immunoprecipitation products was detected by qPCR. **p<0.01 vs. Anti-IgG. (B) The expression of circRNA_100367 in the nucleus and cytoplasm of KYSE-150 and KYSE-150R cells was detected by qRT-PCR. (C) The diagram showed the binding sites between hsa_circRNA_100367 and miR-217. (D) KYSE-150R cells were co-transfected with miR-217 mimic and luciferase reporter plasmids containing circRNA_100367 or circRNA_100367 mut. The relative luciferase activity was detected by dual luciferase reporter gene assay. **p<0.01 vs. circRNA_100367 mut. (E) The interaction between miR-217 and circRNA_100367 was assessed by RNA pull-down assay. **p<0.01 vs. NC.