Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 24 pp 12497—12531

Age-related changes in eye lens biomechanics, morphology, refractive index and transparency

Figure 8. Side view lens images and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) at various depths in 8-month-old and 24-month-old lenses. Boxed regions in green on the low magnification SEM image indicate the approximate location where high magnification images were obtained. Cortical, newly formed fiber cells are disorganized in the 24-month-old lens compared to orderly cortical fibers in the 8-month-old lens. Differentiating fiber cells in deeper cortex layers (~100–200μm from the surface) of the 24-month-old lens lack normal small protrusions and formed a distinct zone of compaction. The location of the zone of compaction is correlated with the ring opacity (red arrows, red box). Mature inner fiber cells (~200-400μm from the surface) are comparable between the 8- and 24-month-old lenses with large paddles and small protrusions. Scale bars, 1mm (lens picture and low magnification SEM) and 4μm (high magnification SEM).