Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 24 pp 12773—12792

KIFC1 is essential for normal spermatogenesis and its depletion results in early germ cell apoptosis in the Kuruma shrimp, Penaeus (Marsupenaeus) japonicus


Figure 6. Immunofluorescent localization of KIFC1 and tubulin during spermatogenesis in the testis of P. japonicus. (A) Spermatogonia. KIFC1 and microtubules were co-localized in the cytoplasm. KIFC1 signal also can be detected in nucleus (white arrows). (B) Spermatocyte. The distribution of KIFC1 and microtubules in spermatocyte was same with that in spermatogonia. The difference was that both KIFC1 and microtubules signal in this stage were increased obviously (white arrows). (C) Early spermatid. KIFC1 and microtubules were distributed in the perinuclear cytoplasm. At this time, the microtubules started to assemble at one end (white arrows). (D) Late spermatid. A mass of KIFC1 spread over the spermatid cytoplasm. The microtubules exhibited spindle morphology around the sperm nucleus (white arrows). Blue: DAPI, Green: tubulin, Red: KIFC1. Scale bar= 20μm.