Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 2 pp 1237—1255

AR-induced ZEB1-AS1 represents poor prognosis in cholangiocarcinoma and facilitates tumor stemness, proliferation and invasion through mediating miR-133b/HOXB8

Figure 1. The expression of ZEB1-AS1 and its correlation with clinicopathological characteristics and prognosis. (A) ZEB1-AS1 expression in CCA tissues and paired adjacent nontumor bile duct tissues was detected by qRT-PCR. (B) CCA patients were divided into two groups according to average value of ZEB1-AS1 expression. Overall survival was evaluated between high and low ZEB1-AS1 expression groups by using Kaplan-Meier method and log-rank test. (C) The correlation between relative ZEB1-AS1 expression and survival time of CCA patients was assessed by Pearson correlation analysis. (D) The sensitivity and specificity of ZEB1-AS1 as a prognostic marker were analyzed by ROC curve. ***P < 0.001.