Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 2 pp 1685—1703

The Interleukin-33/ST2 axis promotes glioma mesenchymal transition, stemness and TMZ resistance via JNK activation


Figure 1. IL-33 and ST2 expression was increased in glioma and correlated with patient prognosis. (A and B) IL-33 and ST2 expression was detected with conventional immunohistochemical staining in clinical glioma samples. The representative images showed IL-33 or ST2 expression was increased in tumor tissues compared with paracancerous tissues. (C and D) The mRNA expression data of glioma compared with normal brain tissues in the TCGA Database (n=552), the expression of IL-33 was significantly increased in tumor tissues (p<0.001) while ST2 was upregulated moderately with no statistical significance (p=0.333). (E and F) The association between the survival in patients with glioma and IL-33/ST2 expression (n=66 and n=74 for (E and F) respectively). Survival functions were estimated by Kaplan–Meier methods. Hazard ratios (HR) for (E) High/Low=1.921, Low/High=0.575; HR for (F) High/Low=1.828, Low/High=0.547.