Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 2 pp 1792—1807

The neuroprotective effects of SIRT1 in mice carrying the APP/PS1 double-transgenic mutation and in SH-SY5Y cells over-expressing human APP670/671 may involve elevated levels of α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

Figure 5. Effects of RSV and suramin on the expression of αAPP, α7 nAChR and SIRT1, as well as SIRT1 activating in SH-SY5Y/APPswe cells. The cells were treated with 50μM RSV or 300 μg/ml suramin for 24 h. (A) SIRT1 expression. (B) SIRT1 activity. (C) αAPP expression. (D) α7 nAChR expression. The values presented are means ± SD. *P<0.05 and **P<0.01 compared with untreated cells, #P<0.05 and ##P<0.01 compared to the untreated control cells, as determined by analysis of variance (ANOVA), followed by the Tukey HSD test. Representative western blots are shown beneath A, C and D.