Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 2 pp 1828—1842

Autophagy-related gene P4HB: a novel diagnosis and prognosis marker for kidney renal clear cell carcinoma

Figure 3. ROC analysis of P4HB and GABRAPL1 never related to KIRC diagnosis showing a very high ability to discriminate controls from KIRC samples validated in TCGA (A and B). The AUC is plotted as sensitivity% vs 100-specifificity%. The calculated AUC is reported in each case. The p value is <0.0001 in all cases; Detection of P4HB and GABARAPL1 mRNA expression level in H293T cell (normal kidney), OS-RC-2 and Caki-1 cell (cancer cells) by RT-PCR (C). GAPDH gene was used as the internal control. P4HB expression in cancer cells is clearly higher than normal kidney cell, while GABARAPL1 expression in cancer cells is clearly lower than normal kidney cell.